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  • How KSduino works

    Posted on Sat December 15, 2012

    The KSduino is public open source service, so you can connect your devices for free!

    How KSduino works

    In this article I want to describe how the KSduino works inside. The KSduino consists of four main blocks:

    • KSduino library for Arduino which uses in users sketches
    • KSduino server which receives packets from Arduino and sends answers back
    • SQL server which gets parameters from KSduino servers, calculate average and saves values
    • KSduino web server which displays Arduino parameters in table and graph mode, and processes users requests

    We used UDP transport to connect between the Arduino microcontroller and KSduino server. UDP is very fast so we can send a lot of sketches parameters not overloading the microcontroller in a short time. Our protocol allows to send and receive values ​​from any local network and does not require a dedicated ip address.

    KSduino server runs at Linux server. KSduino server is C language server program which uses our own technology to receive, processes and resends data from the microcontroller to SQL server.

    To save, calculate and select data we use MySQL server. Our own technology (as KSduino server) allow gets and save millions parameters received from arduino devices.

    The web site has own kernel writen at PHP. We use JQuery to run in clients part, RGraph library to display graphs, fancyBox to display images and Disqus to proccess comments. The Blog and Help partitions are constructed using Tumblr, the Documentation section built using Doxygen.

    Best regards,
    Kirill Scherba
    The founder and main developer of KSduino project.

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