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  • Welcome to KSduino

    Posted on Sat December 8, 2012

    We are opened from today so you are Welcome to KSduino device network!

    Welcome to KSduino

    We have designed this service to connect your Arduino microcontrollers to the KSduino device network for free. You may connect your devices and monitor all its parameters. KSduino parameters can handle any Arduinos state. It may be discret or analog pins values, some sensors connected to arduino by supported protocolls like I2C or Onewire values or internal Arduinos values like current milliseconds. In other words you can display any values of your Arduino microcontroller processed at this KSduino web site.

    To send your parameters to KSduino you need to have Arduino Ethernet Shield wl5100 to connect your microcontroller to Internet. And you should be registered to the KSduino web site. When you signed in to KSduino you can add new devices and create any parameters for this device. We have described connection process in the ‘How to connect your device to the KSduino Device Network?' help topic. There are some more helps in the KSduino HELP page. The KSduino continues to develop so we’ll expand HELP page and inform you about new features in this blog.

    The DOWNLOADS page contains latest version KSduino library for Arduino. This library has online documentation placed at the DOCUMENTATION page. In the DEVELOPMENT page you can find some new versions for testing and some aditional advices and offers for developers. You may ask your questions at the CONTACTS page and you can participate in conversations located under articles.

    The DEVICES page contain list of yours and other KSduino members devices, lists and graphs with device parameters. This is main page for monitoring your devices.

    The KSduino project is financed by its members and by donations. You can read more about it at the DONATE page.

    So welcome to KSduino device network!

    Best regards,
    Kirill Scherba
    The founder and main developer of KSduino project.

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